Maulik Jain

I’m a first-year undergraduate studying the Economics Tripos at the University of Cambridge. I’m particularly interested in the role of public policy in facilitating development agendas’, aiming of constructively engage with policymakers, civil servants and industry representatives in order to impact decision-making on an international scale in the future.

As an Indian citizen, I’ve often found myself pondering on the Indian context – that of a rich country with poor citizens if you will, and the multiple results of a disproportionate allocation of resources. The inequality grounded in the human experience troubles me and researching to actively tackle such fundamental issues fascinates me tremendously.

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Experience & Education

Skills & Knowledge


  • Critical thinking
  • Organisational and time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Team Work


  • Data Analysis
  • Forecasting and Modelling
  • Report Generation
  • Documentation


  • Public Speaking
  • Student Leadership
  • Numerical & Verbal Reasoning
  • Creative Writing

Information Technology

  • Java
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • HTML
  • Digital Marketing (MailChimp, Facebook, Agora)


  • Academic Life

    1. Cambridge Matriculation.
    2. DAIS Graduation.
    3. University of Cambridge

  • Campaigns (INDIA)

    1, Did you know
    2. RTI Basics
    3. RTI Awareness

  • Imagination Unplugged

    Book Launch

  • Cares

    1. Cares Logo
    2. Mid Day Property (INDIA)
    3. Hindustan Times (INDIA)

  • Cares

    Construction Industry Review

  • Imagination Unplugged

    Mid Day Article(INDIA)

  • Imagination Unplugged

    1. Hindustan Times Article (INDIA)
    2. Clun Article (INDIA)

  • Imagination Unplugged

    Times of Article (INDIA)

Research Projects




Andheri (West), Mumbai, India



+91 9768031359

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